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Over the past few years, Max Global-Group Ltd has kept up ongoing efforts to drive change according to market needs and our customers’ empathy throughout our market areas. Our goal is to deliver on the vision, mission and values to constantly increase customer satisfaction by delivering reliable and competitive lead times, competitive price levels, quality products with tested reliability / performance and a heightened ability to meet the ever growing market demand for greater flexibility, to create an impact in environmental, economic, social and health sector of the community. To achieve these factors, the change is never easy, but we’ve overcome the pain to gain a relentless focus on helping our customers do better business faster by virtues of efficiency, technology and reliability in all our products compared to their competitors. As a business in a competitive industry, we know the success of our customers is our success.


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Revolutionizing Industry Development in Africa

With decades of experience, research and development, MaxGlobal-Group is one of the leading importer of Fertilizers and Agri-machinery. We also invested in research and development to ensure that our tea products to various parts of the world are high quality


Reliable Partner in HR capacity building

Max Global Group Ltd has partnered with several Universities and Colleges in Finland to help develop the Education Sector and Industrial Development in Africa.


We Provide a variety fo Alternative Energy Solutions to the Industry

Maxglobal-Group Ltd is a company fully registered Company in Kenya in full compliance of the law and licensed to operate in the port of Mombasa.


Partner with Global stakeholders to provider value

Value-added agriculture increases the value of primary agricultural commodities, perhaps by increasing appeal to the consumer and the consumer's willingness to pay a premium over similar but undifferentiated products.  Value addition is a worthwhile investment because it generates higher return, allow penetration of a new, potentially high-value market, extend the production season, or perhaps create brand identity or develop brand loyalty.

hand holding young plant and ligh bulb. concept saving energy. eco earth day

Revolutionizing waste management in the region

Maxglobal is partnering with globally recognized companies to provide cheap and reliable clean energy technologies e.g

  1. Biogas systems
  2. Biomass systems
  3. Renewable fuel power plant

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